Our permaculture and mara kai workshops offer a range of initiatives that provide opportunities for rangatahi to connect with nature and learn about sustainable food production. Through our permaculture design courses, workshops, and guided tours, participants can gain knowledge and skills in regenerative agriculture, soil health, and ecological land management. Our mara kai project offers hands-on experiences for individuals and groups to grow, harvest, and prepare their own food using traditional Māori practices. With a focus on environmental sustainability and cultural preservation, our projects provide a unique opportunity to learn and connect with the land in meaningful ways. Our food forest serves as an educational resource for rangatahi and the community, with learning focused on sustainable agriculture.


We provide opportunities for volunteers to get involved with garden maintenance, harvesting, and other activities. This helps us build community engagement and provide hands-on learning opportunities


Our experts offer programs that empower rangatahi to take an active role in permaculture and mara kai practices. This involves hands-on garden work, learnings around sustainable agriculture and food practices, leadership training focused on community engagement and environmental stewardship.


We offer workshops and training sessions for community members interested in learning about regenerating the whenua, permaculture and mara kai practices. We cover a range of topics, such as soil health, plant propagation, composting, food preservation, and traditional Māori food preparation


We include community events such as seed swaps, harvest festivals, and potluck dinners, which can bring people together to celebrate local food and share knowledge and resources.


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