Co-Founder of WithIN NATURE. Marcus has spent 10+ years as Founder and CEO of the Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa. He has extensive knowledge in the youth sector, music industry and social enterprise sector.

I want to leave earth in a better position than when we arrived. Youth are brilliant in all their beautiful diversity. I made observations in the last few years that life skills, mindfulness, financial literacy and problem solving was not second nature. It must change.


Co-Founder of WithIN NATURE, Holistic Health therapist with a background in naturopathy, Natural medicine, bodywork, yoga. Quantum field of healing and human sciences.

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become" ~ CARL JUNG

Passionatte about the infinite possibilities we have for positive change and creative opportunities when we continue to follow a path or connection

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takimano
My strength is not that of an individual but that of the collective.
Subject matter expert in international social enterprise development. Currently Innovation Investment Manager for Auckland Council directing a mission focused portfolio of public and eternally funded for impact ventures. An investor in education models and learning environments for 15 years including affordability, accessibility, alternative education approaches and environments internationally.
An MBA with a focus on social enterprise leadership in new markets with a background in law by degree.

Experienced Senior Manager with a demonstrated history of working across higher education and community engagement. Extensive background and passion for creating and enabling pathways for young people. Skilled in Relationship Management, Youth and Community Development, People Management, Strategy and Training Development and Delivery.

our PEOPLE & Advisors


Judy has 12 years growing & leadership experience in Community Gardens & Urban Farms in Auckland

Building fertility from the ground up. Includes species selection to enhance microbial diversity and biomass for in situ mulching

Perennial weed management strategies. Discover edible and non-edible species that can outcompete the rapacious tendencies of these weeds and methods for processing

Design your own guilds with perennial species that suit your aesthetics and serve as the multifaceted workforce surrounding your trees.

Water conservation & plat health mulching. Foliar feeding and natural pest controls.

carl pickens

Landscape Architect / Organic grower focused on ecological design.

Organic educator / teacher in organic growing techniques (background in organic horticulture)

Permaculture designer integrating permaculture principles into traditional and contemporary landscapes. 

Designer and builder of school gardens - including childrens playgrounds (emphasis on natural play)

Passionatte and dedicated. Carl and his team work across the length and breadth of New Zealand creating resilient, productive and sustainable landscapes.

20 year experience designing and building sustainable landscapes across New Zealand.

John Lawry

World renown outdoor education expert. Bachelor of Education, Master craftsman

My Life experience as artisan & educator is circa 25 years a piece.

My life-long interest immersion in craft and education occurred when, inspired by Bernard Graves, I began the process of establishing and developing at Michael Oark Steiner chool, the Outdoor Classroom's comprehensive curriculum gardens, lower-school craft / experiential skills-based curriculum, its integration into H/S Technology, an intensive Masterclass Craft program and camps.